We met the Wolhide sisters at the Etc Etc showroom a couple of years ago...we walked the show and the booth was small but there was something so magnetic about their pieces we ended up buying a small capsule collection. Fast forward to today and what we absolutely love about these 2 sisters is their commitment to sustainability, impeccable design and their transparency. Here is a quote from Leah D'Ambrosio about Wolhide's business ethics:

"The cotton is organically grown in Texas and processed in North Carolina. Instead of bleaching the fabric, our supplier uses a citrus scour for the natural and a peroxide wash derived from apples for the white. We also always offer a black dyed option, but they use low impact dyes in a closed-loop system, preventing any toxic waste and allowing unfixed dye and water to be recycled."

"Fully fashioned knitting is also inherently sustainable because each garment piece is knit into shape so there is no cut out waste material. In addition to sourcing sustainable materials, we are using producers who are small family run companies that create jobs in their communities." quote from Makeitlast - a brand to watch. 


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