Ace & Jig is a Brooklyn based company based on their singular love of textiles. Created in 2009 by Cary Vaughn and Jenna Wilson, this affair with textiles came to fruition. Wanting to create something that lasted season after season, the designers set about designing collections based from one fabrication, their own yarn-dyed, woven fabric. Effortless clothing that has relevance season to season. They manufacture in India under strict sustainable practices. The weavers they work with believe in the holistic Kaizen philosophy of continuing to improve. The manufactures offer free childcare to workers as well as organically grown produce using reclaimed water. The Ace & Jig collections have become a cult classic, their quality, inspired textiles and designs are coveted by all. We are very excited to offer them in our shop, MayerWasner. 


Christopher Brosius is a true alchemist and romantic where scent is concerned. We here at MayerWasner are big fans - each of us has our signature scent. CB perfumes are manufactured in small batches in his factory in Williamsburg, NY. Christopher has a strong love for making perfume and is a firm believer in scents that tell a story.

What's your story?


The talented and lovely Erin Considine, has married fiber and metallurgy. Using gorgeous hand dyed flax, silk noil, and fine wool fibers that are woven within the matrix of the metal structures. These pieces sound architectural but they are anything but...easy, soft and utterly wearable. All pieces are manufactured by hand in NYC.
This is everything we offer, all garments available on the site. featuring new pieces, sale pieces and everything in between..We have a long list of designers we love to wear. And of course our own in house line Pamela Mayer, along with Gary Graham, Grei, Skin Worldwide, Lauren Manoogian, Vayarta, Reinhard Plank, Melissa Easton, Neon Zinn and so many more! Welcome to our site...

Our favorite punk rock designer, cool pieces that will last you forever. Endless style and quality with gorgeous details and the finest materials. One of America's most brilliant designers..

Luxurious nourishing body care made from the purest ingredients in enticing combinations of aroma. 100% free of parabens, preservatives, pthalates, formaldehyde, and other harmful chemicals. Goldies Natural Beauty products are handmade in Rockaway Beach, NY.

Established in 2011 by and Art director and Designer - with an appreciation of the neutrality and sublime beauty of gray. What started as a men's collection quickly became a ladies cult favorite. Located in NYC, Andrew Spargo & Larry Paul design, manufacture, hand dye and finish their bespoke collection. We at MayerWasner love the ambiguity of design, the hearty crafting and stolen from one of the boys looks. We hope you'll be on board too.
Find something you love, the ultra wearable Reinhard Plank straw summer hats and Samuji's straw bags or leather purses to Erin Considine's woven beauties we have you covered. The ultra wearable Lisa b. cotton socks and clogs or The Witness Company Navajo Cuff. Maria Blacks minimalist and timeless pieces to the amazing Neon Zinn...pick and choose. What are you looking for?
Clogs, espadrilles, socks - cotton or cashmere, whats your Lisa b preference? Designed in Honesdale, Pennsylvania Lisa is a master at crafting luxurious everyday essentials.

Each Neon Zinn rope necklace is made to order, the designer Seth Damn believes in ethical design and materials. He works tirelessly with other designers and cultures. Coming from a printing and painting background each necklace begins with the rope being cut and each piece being dyed and then the meticulously assembling the parts into a one-of-a-kind design handmade for each customer, client or store.

Made in New Orleans. 



Spring is here...if only in our hearts! Take a minute to check out the gorgeous spring styles. Samuji, Gary Graham, Reinhard Plank, Lauren Manoogian and so much more.

For our Spring/Summer season we are taking a page book from Georgia O'keefe, her art, life and wardrobe. Featuring beautiful textures, desert colors and wearable, elegant styling. Pick one of the epic, yet utilitarian Reinhard Plank hats some Vayarta shoes and your season is set, Enjoy. 

Every piece we make is manufactured in upstate NY or PA. We believe in living wages and ethical design. We love what we do and value the people we work with..

We are busy working on some warmer weather pieces...we've received our new fabrics, fabulous Japanese double gauze's, European linens, light weight leather, Liberty of London cottons and so much more! We are so excited to introduce you to our newest collection full of wearable pieces for everyday living

A self-proclaimed "accidental designer," Raquel Allegra is known for her playful juxtaposition of deconstruction and silhouettes. Her first line originated from applying a signature shredding technique to recycled vintage prison t's. Her work has evolved to include richly textured pieces, and her approach to tie-dye is entirely unique and fresh. Raquel Allegra's lines are designed, manufactured and hand dyed in Los Angeles.

Each Reinhard Plank hat is hand made in the country side of Florence, Tuscany. Reinhard studied Industrial Design and applied arts in Vienna. His masterful, minimal creations are both timeless and utilitarian. He has a wonderful design aesthetic and masterful talent for creating something hauntingly unusual and utterly wearable.
Spring cleaning means a winter sale, stock up on great fall and winter pieces. Up to 60% off Grei NY, Gary Graham, Samuji, Erin Considine, Skin Worldwide and Raquel Allegra...hurry up, sizes go fast. Happy Shopping!
Samuji is a design collective and think tank in Helsinki Finland. Their love of hearty fabrics and utilitarian design brings them a great sense of modernism and wearable, breathable clothing that you can live, work and enjoy life in. The first Samuji collection launched in 2011 and its been magic ever since. They focus on fine materials from Italy and Japan, each piece is carefully manufactured in Europe, the quality is visible in the design and construction of each piece.
Susan Beischel, designer and entrepreneur, founded the luxury brand Skin in 2003. Since then she has successfully built the company into a global lifestyle brand encompassing lingerie, accessories and clothing. Skin is widely recognized for the use of soft natural fabrics, organic cotton materials and sophisticated, versatile silhouettes. Her commitment to sustainable resources and comfort is wonderful to see. 
Ahhh, the thing we need to polish our outfits and wear out of the house. We offer a really simple, high quality assortment of shoes and of course our favorite Lisa b. socks. We are currently in love with the cotton stars.....

Word on the street is that these are the most comfortable and sought after shoe for the summer. Inspired by the beach culture of Mexico - offer a unisex shoe, soft custom dyed leather slip ons that will mold to your feet and soften to perfection over time. The founders of these covetable shoes hail from Maryam Nassir Zadeh and Calvin Klein, strong style and ease of wear feels like walking on pillows, thanks to their lightly padded leather insoles. Fits true to size, Unisex. 

Made in Mexico from Mexican leather. 

Witness Company is an all American, Brooklyn-based jewelry brand led by the inimitable William Bryan Purcell, one of the most creative people we've ever known and a true craftsman. All Witness Company pieces are hand carved in wax and hand-finished here in Narrowsburg, NY.

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