Lauren Manoogian

Lauren Manoogian began her knitwear journey 10 years ago with encouragement from a small family run Peruvian factory offering her leftover yarn to experiment with....we are so happy she experimented. Ethical practices and small, sustainable knitting/weaving factories in Peru align with the principles of MayerWasner. She uses un-dyed materials which have slight variations and shades - these colors have been designed by nature. The textures and shapes are sensual and so appealing to wear and touch. She sources wool and cotton close to the knitwear factories to reduce the carbon footprint of the collection. Lauren has this to say about her pieces, we couldn't agree more:

“It’s a very intimate product,” she says. “You really have to touch, feel and wear it to appreciate it.” She thinks that knitting, and manipulating wools into new forms, is an evocative process. “It can be very fluid and experimental but it also involves a lot of planning and technique. Knitwear can be very gestural… I love the physicality and imperfection of [each] garment.”


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