Pamela Mayer

Our Journey to Spring 2020 started last July in a trip to a little town in Tuscany called Anghiari - my friend and I were tooling around without our families and she brought me to the Busatti textile mill. Here is where this amazing journey started, we bought super soft cotton sheeting's, cotton sateen's and our favorite a cotton/linen twill. We received these fabrics in November of 2019 and were super excited to be already for the coming season - well the season threw us a curve ball, in fact it threw the world a curve ball. We are still happy to show you some of the new items we created, we have a whole other summer batch waiting to make its appearance....and wait we will. These items have been laundered for softness and ease of wearing, I hope that as I am writing this that we can once again meet on the streets, eat lunch outside and find a place that is our new normal.