Ace & Jig

Ace & Jig is a Brooklyn based company based on their singular love of textiles. Created in 2009 by Cary Vaughn and Jenna Wilson, this affair with textiles came to fruition. Wanting to create something that lasted season after season, the designers set about designing collections based from one fabrication, their own yarn-dyed, woven fabric. Effortless clothing that has relevance season to season. They manufacture in India under strict sustainable practices. The weavers they work with believe in the holistic Kaizen philosophy of continuing to improve. The manufactures offer free childcare to workers as well as organically grown produce using reclaimed water. The Ace & Jig collections have become a cult classic, their quality, inspired textiles and designs are coveted by all. We are very excited to offer them in our shop, MayerWasner.